Dr. Art Stewart

I have spent 50 years of my life helping people prepare for eternity. I am still doing that but now I am also helping them live better in this life. My mission is to help seniors understand Medicare and find the best Medicare supplement for their individual situation. This mission grew out of my own experience with Medicare. When it came time for me to sign up for Medicare I was overwhelmed with all the different parts and the whole program. I managed to navigate the Medicare maze with the help of a knowledgeable insurance agent. I want to do the same thing for others that was done for me. Thus, I’m here to help those who will be turning 65 in a few months to sign up for Medicare and understand what their options are for choosing a Medicare Supplement. My services are always absolutely free. As a licensed insurance agent in the state of Georgia, Alabama, and Texas who represents the best insurance companies with the best plans, if you live in Georgia I can help you get signed up today.